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design: minted

Minted is a design marketplace that sells art, home decor and stationery sourced from its community of independent artists.

brand design

As a Brand Designer at Minted, I design a range of marketing and brand collateral, including emails, online advertisements, landing pages, website banners and creative for social media. My job is to maintain and elevate the Minted brand through consistent, beautiful and high-quality designs.


PR design

As a PR Design Assistant at Minted, I’ve grown my knowledge in the stationery design business by designing creative assets for the PR team to use in their pitches to the press. This includes creating print and digital lookbooks, custom product samples for media outlets and influencers, and packaging and print collateral for editor gifts.


designs for sale on minted

As a participating member of Minted's Artist Community, I've won awards and have stationery products available for sale on site.