print design: true&co catalogs

true&co. october 2015 catalog

True&Co.'s October Catalog is the online only company's first ever print catalog. The goal was to introduce the True&Co. brand to a new offline marketing channel and tell the story of the company's own brand products. I worked with a great team from storyboarding to execution. This was my first big print project and I learned so much during the whole process. I even got to contribute original still life photography! 

true&co. november 2015 catalog

True&Co.'s November Catalog focuses on the company's holiday product assortment. This specific catalog drop reached an audience of 230K+! Catalog ended up becoming a big win for the company as it opened up a new marketing channel for us when we desperately needed one. I worked on the book with an awesome team from storyboarding to execution and contributed my original still life photography. 

true&co. january 2016 catalog

What was originally supposed to be one catalog drop in the Fall, turned out to be four separate catalog drops from October to January. The January book is my favorite though! I travelled to New York (for the first time ever) to help out with the photoshoot and I love how the images turned out. This book is kind of a culmination of all our learnings from the first three catalogs. The goal of the True&Co. January Catalog was to introduce our new own brand products as well as our Valentine's Day assortment. I worked with a great team from storyboarding to execution on this project. After working on four print catalogs back to back, InDesign has become my best friend.